In 2017, the AHC Foundation will be updating its National and State Economic Impact Studies!  Go to the AHC Equine Economic Study Page for more information.  RESPONSE DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO AUGUST 18TH to permit more horse owners and riders to respond.

We need your participation for 2017 by August 18th! Many equines are not being counted because of the lack of knowledge of this important fact gathering collection. The last AHC study was done in 2005. It’s vital ALL horse owners, equine retail suppliers and service providers participate in this survey so the nation at large, has accurate information regarding the size and scope of the equine community.  2017 The American Horse Council National Economic Impact Study  The main survey (titled "Horse Owner/Industry Supplier) is designed to capture the impact of individual horse owners (whether business or recreational) and our industry suppliers of equine-related goods and services. Trail users, competitors, horse owners, trainers, boarding facilities, retail suppliers and service providers should participate. The survey asks horse owners how many horses you have, what do you use them for, what is their breed, expenses, income, etc. The Study was also expanded to rescues, equine assisted activities, equine academic programs and youth organizations. A separate data request is being sent to Racetracks, OTBs, and Advanced Deposit Wagering businesses. Individuals who would like to participate, please go to   to find the link. For group distribution please contact Ashley Furst at   The survey link for the AHC Study will be available until August 1st.  Help Spread the Word. Post everywhere, Like and Share on Social Media, Announce at Meetings and Events.  Please note: all personal information collected in the survey will be confidential. From NHHC Trails Committee: Trail Users please participate, Get trail riding/driving and trail horses counted.

The New Hampshire Horse Council (NHHC) is a nonprofit 501(c)5 organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of the horse industry in New Hampshire. The NHHC represents all breeds and disciplines. Through education and leadership we act as a liaison among horse groups, the general public and the legislature.

We make a difference for New Hampshire’s horses...
Since 1986 the New Hampshire Horse Council (NHHC) has represented the interests of New Hampshire’s diverse horse industry. The NHHC, an official affiliate of the American Horse Council, is a nonprofit organization that represents all breeds and disciplines. Membership dollars provides us with the support we need to sponsor projects, provide benefits, and be involved in legislative issues and attain even more influence in the public arena.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the New Hampshire Horse Council (NHHC) is to promote the interests of horses in the state of New Hampshire. Acting as the official voice of the state’s horse industry, the NHHC will serve as a liaison among various horse groups, disseminate information and educate both the legislature and the general public. The NHHC will serve as an advisory body to the University of New Hampshire’s College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, the NH State Department of Agriculture, the Statewide Trails Advisory Committee and the NH Farm Bureau Horse Advisory Committee regarding horses and horse related activities and programs.