The American Horse Council Equine Economic Study
Sample Questions and more info for the 2017 ANH Economic Study  

Thank you for participating in the official 2017 survey for the American Horse Council.  This survey is specifically designed to capture the direct impact of front-line participants in the horse industry--the people who own, train, ride, board, and otherwise care for horses.  The results of this survey will be used by the American Horse Council to promote the economic benefits of the horse industry to policy makers. While this survey is not a horse census, our intent is to capture the economic impact from as many horses in the country as possible. 
As an active member of this community, you may have received a survey invitation from multiple sources. We require only one response from each household.  If different members of a household manage different horse-related activities, more than one response per household is acceptable. 

The survey has two tracks--one for horse owners, who may also supply goods or services to the industry, and another for industry suppliers who do not own horses.  (see end of this document for expanded survey of major equine institutions/organizations.)  
Please fill out the forms as they apply to you.  Leave blank those line items on the forms that do not apply to you.  If you are not sure of an answer, an educated guess is very much acceptable and certainly better than no answer at all.  For numerical questions, please use numbers instead of text.  Please use the "Next" and "Back" buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate through the survey.
Please note that all information gathered by the survey will be held in strict confidence. 
Please provide your address.  If there are multiple locations, then please select the address of your primary residence or operations headquarters where the horse-related activity occurs. 
--Address, City State, zip code
Location information will only be used to show impacts by state and congressional district.  All information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.  To identify impacts by congressional district, street addresses will be required.
How many people in your household, including yourself, participate in the horse industry?
Are you a horse owner?
Which activity describes your involvement in the Horse Industry?  Commerical/business horse owner, recreational horse owner
How many horses are owned by your household.  Type of Breed, Primary Use, Secondary Use, % of ownership, Breeding
·         You indicated that your household owns 10 or fewer horses.  Please use the drop down menus to complete the list for all horses owned in your household by breed, ownership, primary and secondary sector activity and whether the horse is involved in breeding. 

Please use the following definitions to BEST categorize the industry sector your horse falls into.  In assigning a horse to a sector, please consider who is riding or otherwise using the horse and what goal that user has in mind.  
--Is the horse being bred, groomed, or ridden primarily for the racetrack?  Racing
--Is the horse being bred, groomed, or ridden primarily for/by pleasure riders?  Recreation/Trail Riding
--Is the horse being bred, groomed, or ridden primarily for/by equestrian sports or competition?  Competition
--Is the horse being used primarily to provide lessons or instruction to riders?  Lesson/Instruction --Has the horse been used primarily for traditional farming or ranching tasks, or for pulling a carriage, or for mounted police?  Traditional Working Horse
--For retired horses, please assign to the sector that most closely matches their pre-retirement activity.  
·         --There is an "Other" option for horses that do not fit into any of these categories.
Are any of your horses involved in service (similar to service dogs)?
Do you own or lease a farm, barn or stable
What is the total acreage of your horse-related stable/farm(s)?
Do you board horses on your farm(s) other than your own?
Which of the following goods or services do you provide?  Check all that apply
Breeding, Lessons, Farrier, Trail Guide, Carriage Operator, Training, Farm Manager/Operator, Veterinary, Goods Provider/Retailer, Other
Do you or members of your household participate in trail riding?
In 2016, where did you participate in trail riding?  Select only one.  . In State, Out of State, Both
What were your total estimated expenses for in-state trail riding in 2016? Horse Transportation and Lodging, Owner Transportation, Owner Lodging, Dining, Guides/outfitters, permits
Do you ride on trails in federally owned public lands, managed by either the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. National Park System (NPS), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) or U.S. Forest Service (USFS)?
Do you ride on trails in public lands managed by a State Forest, State Park or County Park?
Do you or members of your household participate in horse competition events? 
In 2016, where did you participate in competitive events?  Select only one. In State, Out of State, Both
What were your total estimated expenses for in-state competitive events in 2016? (Costs going to the competition organizer such as entry and stall fees are accounted for elsewhere.  This question is designed to capture other spending in the economy.)
--Horse Transportation and Lodging, Owner Transportation, Owner Lodging, Dining, Advertising
Do you directly employ anyone related to your horse ownership?
In 2016, have you used volunteers for the management/care or other activities/services related to your horse(s)?
Using the following range table, please report your annual horse-related revenue using 2016 data.
--Purses and Prizes, Stud Fees, Leasing, Breeding Sales, Horse sales(non-breeding)
--Boarding, Training, Vet Services, Lessons, Outfitter Fees, Other revenue,
The goal of this question is to gather information on major purchases/investments only as they relate to horse ownership and horse-related activities. 
How much have you spent on each of the following categories in 2016?
--Horses, Horse Trailers, Farm Land/Land Improvements (new fencing), Farm/Barn Structures, Farm Equipment (tractors, vehicles, machinery), Other Specify
Please exclude the expenses previously listed in the trail riding and/or competitive events from the following expense summary.

Using the following table, please report your annual horse-related expenses using 2016 data.
--Horse related goods and services
--Feed (grain, hay pellets) & Bedding
--Tack, Grooming Supplies and other equipment and supplies
--Supplements and medications
--Rider gear (boots helmet gloves etc.)
--Stud fees
--Vet Services
--Other medical non Vet
--Other horse related goods and services
--General Operating Expenses
--Horse Transportation and lodging (horse hotels)
--Owner Travel (accommodations, dining)
--Entry fees and sponsorships to shows
--Facilities maintenance
--Other business expenses
--Property taxes
--Employee compensation
--Salary, Wages & benefits
--Cash value of other benefits or compensation (housing, supplies, etc.)
Do you plan to spend more or less next year on your horse or horse-related activities?
We would like to ask you a few additional questions that will help to highlight the characteristics and diversity of the horse industry population. 

Please indicate your gross household income (before taxes) in 2016:
Please select responses from the following questions that best describe you.
Please indicate your sex:
The U.S. Census distinguishes between ethnic origin and race.    Many people ask why Hispanic/Latino is a separate category.  In order to provide accurate data, the information collected in this portion of the survey must be consistent with the demographic categories as identified by U.S. Census Bureau.  The U.S. Census states that, "Hispanic origin can be viewed as the heritage, nationality, lineage, or country of birth of the person or the person's parents or ancestors before arriving in the Untied States.  People who identify as Hispanic, Latino or Spanish may be any race." 
Therefore, we ask that you please respond to both questions regarding race and Hispanic origin.

Do you identify as Hispanic or Latino?
Please indicate your race:
Please indicate your age:
This survey is being distributed by the following organizations to its members; therefore, if you belong to multiple organizations you may be receiving more than one invitation to participate.  In order for us to avoid double-counting how many people are members of horse organizations, please indicate which of the following organizations you belong to.  Please select all that apply.
Which of the following do you use regularly to learn about horse care and the horse industry?  Select all that apply.
For each of the following, please think about medical services you have had performed on ANY horses in your care in the past twelve months. Choose all of the columns that apply to you for each of the medical services listed.
--Acupunture, Chiropractic, dental, lameness diagnosis, Massage, reproductive work, routine care/ examinations, , serious acute illness or trauma, surgery, vaccinations
This year, we are expanding our survey collection to capture the impact of major equine institutions/organizations (as shown below).  These surveys are designed to be filled in by one representative (such as manager, director, or owner) of each institution/organization. If you would like to take one of those surveys, please email
       Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy Organizations
       Equine Sanctuaries and Rescues
       Equine Competition Organizers
       Equine Academic Programs (post-secondary)
       Equine Youth Organizations: